February 1, 2018

About Graphics Outfitters

Leading experts from the television broadcasting, graphics design, IT, and embedded hardware integration and engineering established Graphics Outfitters in 2002, with the objective of developing ruggedized hardware solutions for the mobile television production industry.  What started out as a boutique rental house expanded into a multifaceted, multidisciplinary system development and service organization. Today we  offer product design, integration, and turn-key service capabilites. Additionally, we offer a complete selection of repair services and legacy parts for multiple broadcast graphics system such as Chyron™, and Pinnacle Systems™.  When the original manufacturer discontinues technical support, Graphics Outfitters steps in.

Our philosophy and vision is: Service is our Sales Manager

We sell our products and services without the aid of marketing MBA's or graduates of Dale Carnegie™ Sales Training Seminars.  We are Engineers. not Sales Engineers.  We ask you what you need before we ask how much you have to spend.

Can the size of a company symbolize its performance and does size really matter? We don’t think so! We may not be one of the largest companies around, but this can be viewed as a strength, as we are very versatile, motivated, and passionate about our work. Our size allows closer relationships with our customers, closer than our competitors can ever have.

Instead of being just “some company”, we are both partner and friend. This relationship provides us with many excellent ideas and has become a major source of input for further developments at Graphics Outfitters. It is our window to the markets, path to product innovation, and the door to our daily operations. 

We collaborate with whom we believe are "best in class" solutions providers.

Our customers are TV stations, multimedia production companies, and broadcast networks.  Likewise, our customers are small cable companies, small OB vans, and LPTV stations.  Large multi-national broadcast corporations, or small independent producers.  They are our customers. They are our friends...

Have a problem?  We probably have a solution!  Call us at 858-530-9110.